Fall Ball 2020 Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I register?
Registration is open at where you can click on the "Register" button on the homepage or navigate to the "Available Programs" tab.  You can also click here to register.

What is the cost for Fall Ball?
The registration fee is $60.  This covers player registration, league fees, a TWLL hat and a TWLL shirt.  Teams should get their hats/shirts on 9/26.

Can I request to be on a specific coach or player’s team?

Yes, during the registration process there is a field for special requests to be noted. Parents are encouraged to make their requests known, but with the understanding that not all requests may be able to be honored due to the number of requests that are received. 

How are players assigned to a team?
There are no drafts for Fall Ball.  Coaches can bring an entire team.  The player agents for each division will also assign individual players to teams to fill out the rosters. For the leagues from Single A to Majors, teams are divided with an attempt to equalize the teams. Teams in the younger age groups are assigned to neighborhood or school based teams with an effort made to take into account special requests from parents even though due to sheer volume all requests cannot be met.

We will do our best to release the team placements by Wednesday, September 16.  You will be notified by your coach. 

Is there a limit on the size of a team?
We have not set a limit on the size of a team.  More players can provide additional flexibility for the various Fall activities. We expect to be flexible with regards to team sizes, provided that applicable guidelines can be followed. 
When are games and practices?
During the Fall 2020 season we will not hold competitive games.  Scheduling will be determined by the team coach/manager, subject to field availability.

We plan to host practices at TWLL Monday-Friday and Sandlot Fun Days, Over-the-Line games and Team/Cohort Scrimmages Saturday and Sunday.  All activities will be flexible, fun and organized by the Coaches and/or Players.  We anticipate hosting a Home Run Derby towards the end of our Fall season. 

What are Sandlot Fun Days?
Sandlot Fun Days are designed by Little League to let the kids get out and play ball with their friends and teammates.  The kids take over the field and the coaches/parents are only there to supervise.  We ditch the rulebooks (for the most part).  Everything is up to the players. This is their game. It’s their decision. Coaches give them the bats, balls, and field, and let them play. The kids could divide evenly into teams and play a structured game (staying within applicable guidelines). They could rotate through pitching and hitting and running without a formal defense on the field. They can use a continuous batting order.  We will open the fields on Saturdays/Sundays with time slots for Sandlot Fun Days and the teams can register to take over the fields during those times.

We occasionally have other activities planned on the weekend, can we miss an event or two?
Yes, this is generally not a problem with Fall Ball (especially this season).  However, as is always the case, the more commitment from the players, the more they usually get out of it.

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