• Welcome to our 2017 TWLL Season

    Little League Pledge I trust in God, I love my country and will respect its laws, I will play fair and strive to win, But win or lose, I will always do my best.
  • History of Tustin Western Little League

    In 1960, Tustin Western and Tustin American Little Leagues, now merged together as simply Tustin Western, both received their charters to play Little League baseball in 1960.  Russ Houlihan was the founder an... More
  • How To Register

    ONLINE REGISTRATION INFORMATION Please read the following to help make your registration process go smoothly.  All registration needs to be done through this system.  If you have any questions regarding your... More
  • Sponsorship Opportunity

    Sponsorship Donations are a very important part of our Little League. Without the money raised by these generous businesses and individuals, we would not have the quality organization and fields that we do. I... More
  • Baseball League Age 2017

    2017 Little League Age ChartFOR BASEBALL DIVISION ONLY Match month (top line) and box with year of birth League age indicated at right JAN FEB MAR APR MAY ... More